Monday, 25 April 2011

Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Internet presence is a powerful marketing and sales tool. Without Internet presence, your future business is likely to be less successful than it could otherwise be. There are different reasons for having a web site, from an on-line information brochure to the sole source of sales for your business.

Let's assume that you have a web site, the design looks good and the site functions as it should. If your web site is a promotional or sales tool for your company, your head of marketing needs Internet marketing experience or access to someone who does.

The main goal of Internet marketing is exposure. Google remains the primary Search Engine for web site owners wanting a page one 'organic results' position. Another way to appear on page one is with sponsored search results, pay-per-click Google-adwords.

The BPc manages these aspects for SME clients. The top requirement is a good position on Google's organic results: to be in the top 10 of 3 billion entries - we'll do our best!

There are many contributing factors to gaining a good ranking on Search Engines including longevity, optimised content and high value inbound links.

Optimising content requires good writing skills coupled with SEO experience and some industry knowledge, much of which can be gained from researching successful competitor sites and from you, the client. Optimising code also requires a knowledge of html.

Inbound links to your website may be from listings (usually low value) or sites with good relative content (high value). An Internet Marketing specialist will target a number of ways to generate links from anchor-text keywords on popular sites. A link from a page that contains similar content to your site, from a word or phrase that is significant to your site content, is an anchor-text keyword.

The BPc will work within your budget to provide a kick-start, ad-hoc or regular Internet Marketing service.

Whilst much of the ranking process is automated, it is driven by human actions. If your site is interesting and therefore popular with human users, it will ultimately be recognised as such by Search Engines.

As an alternative or complementary tactic, PPC is a matter of the advertising budget being diverted from, say, local newspapers or market-sector magazines to Google or other Internet advertisers; The BPc will set up and manage your campaigns for a monthly fee.

For more information regarding our marketing, writing and design services, feel free to call or email us with your enquiry.

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