Thursday, 14 April 2011

Quick SEO Tips for SMEs

If you genuinely want to grow your future business, good content is most important on your web site pages - not just loads of keywords but interesting, informative and concise paragraphs that will lead your visitors (and search engines) to more relevant detail as required.

Well-written content for your visitors results in good content for search engines; if you are writing it yourself, read it back the next day and if you find it interesting, it's a reasonable assumption that others will too. Keywords should happen naturally but you should have the main ones in the opening paragraph. Also, don't try to cram all the keywords onto the home page.

When linking between pages, use relevant keywords as the links rather than words like 'click here'.

Behind the visible page, ensure that your web designer has included the main keywords in the html title and description tags - but they shouldn't be too long - and each page should have its own unique title and description.

Images should be optimised for the web to facilitate faster screen loads; if a large download (e.g. pdf document) is available, add a note to say that it's large and may take a while.

A sitemap.xml file should be uploaded to your host root - this will enable Google to quickly find all your web site pages.

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*new post added January 2012: comprehensive guide to basic SEO

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