Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Blogger Blogging Tips

Do you have difficulty making your blog post look the way it should?

At The BPc, we have set up a number of blogs for our clients which have some degree of customisation. We contribute to some of these blogs and some of our clients also post information or news to their own blogs.

Whenever clients run into difficulty, it usually comes down to the same problem - preparing the copy using MicroSoft Word. Word has hidden built-in formatting. Here is an illustration and a tip about creating blog posts that have been drafted in a formatted medium (including emails):

Let's take a simple phrase: Bold bit followed by normal bit.
The HTML should look like this:

This is the HTML generated by the same phrase if you copy it from Word and paste it into Blogger under the Compose tab:

You can see why it may not produce the results you wanted.

The best way to copy text from Word to Blogger is to paste the text under the Edit HTML tab. You can then go to the Compose tab to add formatting.

We hope that helps!

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