Thursday, 19 May 2011

Thinking about Linking.

A few tips:
  • When you are linking between pages of your website, use meaningful keywords as the link text,  e.g. "See our page on keys, locks and door chains", which describe the content of the page the link goes to.
  • When linking from your blog to your website, use different meaningful keywords as the link text (i.e. NOT 'click here') and ensure that the web page you choose to land on resembles the general content of the blog post.
  • As a general guideline, if you have more than one link per blog post, set the other links to 'rel=nofollow' so that Google doesn't think you are 'spamming'.
  • When linking from your blog or website to a third party, set the target to open in a new tab or window because when that tab or window is closed, your blog or website will still be in front of the browser.
  • And remember, the objective is usually to bring traffic to your website so don't send people off-site unless there is a reason (e.g. if possible, feed your blog or tweets onto your site rather than link people to a separate blog or

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