Thursday, 11 August 2011

Are Linked-In & Facebook Being Helpful or Taking Liberties?

First, Linked In.
There's a default setting that uses our names and photos for third-party advertising. If you take umbrage at such practices and don’t want to be included, here's what to do:.
  • Top right of your Linked In page, hover over your name and from the drop-down menu, select 'Settings'
  • From the 'Settings' page, select 'Account' (bottom left)
  • In the next column to the right, click 'Manage Social Advertising'
  • De-select the box for 'LinkedIn may use my name, photo in social advertising'
Next, FaceBook.
There's a feature that enables the contact details from your mobile 'phone to be uploaded to your facebook Phonebook. To find it, go to Account, Edit Friends, Contacts. On the page you will see this information:
Phonebook contacts
Facebook Phonebook displays contacts you have imported from your phone, as well as your Facebook friends.
If you would like to remove your mobile contacts from Facebook, you need to disable the feature on your mobile phone and visit this page.
... and, unless you have disabled this feature, a full contact list from your mobile phone is also displayed.

I'd rather not have my contact details listed on various FaceBook accounts but it's entirely out of my control. A plea to friends and business contacts to disable this option is my only option. Isn't it?.

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