Thursday, 1 September 2011

On the trail of Who's Who (Domain Registration)

In the 123-reg August newsletter came an announcement: "Heart Internet has joined our family of web hosting companies."

On 123-reg About Us page, it states: "We're an integral part of the Webfusion Ltd – one of the UK's biggest web hosts."

Clicking the Webfusion link provided takes us to ... "With its brands 123-reg, Webfusion, Host Europe, Heart Internet, dynamic-net AG, and Donhost, the Group has a strong market presence in the UK, US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain." 'About Us' History tells us that founders Jonathan Brealey and Tim Beresford 'launched Webfusion' and developed '123-reg' before launching Heart Internet in 2004. What goes around comes around, it seems.

So what of Founders Abby Hardoon and Marcus Lauder had previously founded Host Europe PLC (Hardoon was CEO of Host Europe until PIPEX Communications Ltd bought it for £31 million in 2004) and launched "with a new team that has previously built ... brands such as 123-reg ... and Webfusion".

Will Daily be absorbed too or frozen out?

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