Friday, 21 October 2011

Developing a funky image in red, white and blue.

In the beginning, there was a name, colour specification and some image elements, all received via email with a hand-drawn example. This was to create a header for a website and printed materials.

Experience of remote design projects shows that the best way to draw more information from a client is to create the simplest design plus a variation, reflecting all the provided information. The very first logo looked like this:
The instructions were clarified to remove the logos relating to Pass Plus and Approved Driving Instructor (as they will be used separately, as necessary) but keep the 'L' and come up with something more interesting using reds/blues. The BPc produced the following examples (one representing 'dawn', the other alluding to driving on a road, possibly in the misty dawn) for the client's comments:

"More funky" came the response. Enjoying a design challenge, The BPc worked off the clock to produce some arty graphics, throwing colours, textures, shadows and font styles into the mix - you don't get that kind of service from many designers! Here are a few:

To find out which design finally made the grade, visit the website - and do contact The BPc if you would like us to create an image or website for you.

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