Monday, 28 November 2011

Legalise your website

It is the responsibility of the website owner (usually the business owner) to ensure that the website complies with legislation, such as Advertising Standards and the Equality / Disability Discrimination Acts.

The DDA addresses the accessibility of your website for people who may have impaired vision. This could range from colour blindness and myopia to those who rely on speech software to interpret web site content. It is easy for a web designer to comply by considerate use of fonts and colours; images with descriptive "alt-tags" enable the speech software to include the picture information.

Depending on your business sector and website content, you may need to add various legal notices, such as:
  • Terms of Use & Disclaimer notice
  • Copyright notice
  • Privacy policy
  • Cookies policy
  • Links policy

UPDATE May 2012: you now need to comply with the EU cookie law too.

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