Thursday, 19 April 2012

BranchOut with FaceBook

Most of us in the UK will not yet have discovered the BranchOut app for FaceBook. Launched in the USA in 2010, it was developed as a 'career network application' for FaceBook users.

At The BPc, we need to have experience of social media applications so that we can advise clients which applications are best suited to their needs; we have spent a few days deciding whether to sign up for this app or not and our current decision is ... not just yet. BranchOut's origins are primarily aimed at blue-collar workers looking for new jobs and this is not the market we and our clients currently address. That might change and we shall return to the BranchOut situation periodically, maybe sooner than envisaged.

There are so many social media applications available that we focus on a core few and the recommended mix will depend on each client's specific needs. Usually, we recommend Twitter and often we recommend LinkedIn, FaceBook, YouTube and Pinterest. Sometimes, Tumblr, Digg, etc.

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