Wednesday, 23 May 2012

EU Cookie Law: website owners

The debate about how to comply will continue long after the effective date (26 May 2012) but current thinking is to follow the examples from the authorities concerned, albeit, this course of action requires us to frequently return to those sites to monitor any changes.

The EU seems to have taken a minimalist approach: places a 'legal notice' link at the top of the page. At the foot of the disclaimer/copyright/privacy policy, there is a description of cookies and an off-site link to placed the word 'cookies' at the top of their home and newsroom pages, which links to a very comprehensive list of explanations with numerous lists to further information. Their preferred cookie information site is

HMRC has a 'Privacy Policy' link along the footer which then provides another link to a specific page about cookies which then has a further information link to

TfL placed a 'cookie policy' link in the footer, which links to a comprehensive list of cookies, brief descriptions and off-site links for more information. TfL has chosen to link to

The FSA has a number of links listed in the footer, including their Privacy Policy which covers cookies. The FSA also links to

But perhaps the most important is the Independent Commissioner's Office website - it is their responsibility to make this work. When you reach their website, you are presented with
You can't continue unless you tick the box.
However, you can browse the site but the message will continue to be presented on each page unless you accept cookies - because the cookies will remember that you've ticked the box. Clever, eh?

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  1. Thank you for keeping us up to date with the cookie directive and keeping it simple. Clients' responses to this information ranged from panic to inaction.

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