Thursday, 17 May 2012

Google Police / Panda / Penguin

From Panda to Penguin. Google is attempting to bring quality to website searches. Google's basic policies remain the same but their concern is that some websites are using cunning plans rather than delivering a website with good content.

To address these concerns, Google's Panda sweep was introduced to down-grade websites that primarily consisted of duplicate content. In other words, if swathes of text had been found elsewhere on the internet, the content with the earliest associated upload date would be considered as original. If, however, the copy attributed the original, it was deemed to be acceptable (I think!).
Penguin is addressing the dubious practice of mass-links from 'low-value' sites, which have no original related content to the landing page of the linked-to website. Don't panic if you have a listing on sites such as FreeIndex, AboutUs or social media - these are fine. It's the ones where lists of website links have no associated useful information and, in particular, link sites that provide paid links (excluding bona fide advertising sites).

Clients of The BPc have no cause for concern. We just don't do this. We build quality links to our clients' websites, using acceptable methods, from blogs, social media, articles sites and, where possible, other websites with similar content. We offer a monthly fee programme to keep your website visible.

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