Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Intro to domain.tel

It would be easy for people to contact you if all they had to type into a browser was yourname.tel, e.g. davidcameron.tel or primeminister.tel.

Domain names with the suffix .tel are a different type of domain. You can't upload your own website to it, you can only list your contact details, a brief description of your services and links to other sites, including your social media accounts, such as Twitter and Linked-In. It costs approximately £13 per year and includes a control panel from which you can add your details.

See www.telnic.org for full details You can buy a .tel domain at most hosting companies, e.g. heartinternet.co.uk and daily.co.uk.

There is a global directory at telpages.com or telpages.co.uk; to the right is a customised page found at: london-olympics.tel

Here are details of a local Herts-based company that we use:

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