Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Google AdWords Tips for beginners

If you are new to managing a Google Adwords campaign, here are 3 tips you may find useful.

Mobile Devices
First of all, are you aware how many of your website visitors are using mobile 'phones? You can find out with Google Analytics. From the statistics used in the example below, almost a quarter of all views are from a mobile device with Apple iPhone the most popular.

You can check that your ads are already showing on mobile devices by logging into your Adwords Campaigns page, selecting the Settings tab and checking Devices. If not All, you may want to edit.

Geographic Target
If you have a limited geographical delivery or service capacity, such as a 30 mile radius from your base of operations, have you set or adjusted the regional target of your Adwords campaign? Do this by selecting the Settings tab for the Campaign and clicking the Edit option for Locations. To change the targeted location in the small pop-up box, click on it and, in the larger pop-up box, click on Radius Targeting. You will then be able to insert a core geographical target and a number of miles, shown visually, for you to adjust and save (or cancel if you change your mind). There are other options, too.

Targeting Keywords
When you create a new text ad, are you aware of the {KeyWord: Used Cars} feature? Place your default Ad heading after Keyword: within parentheses and if someone searches within your keyword selection, the search term with replace the default keyword, e.g. Used Cars may be replaced by Used BMWs or Second-hand Cars, tailoring the result to the person searching for the product or service you are advertising.

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