Friday, 30 November 2012

Comments on Blogs for SEO

There are many different kinds of motivation for commenting on blogs. Even when the common motivation is SEO, there are two distinct types - specific or generic.

The BPc maintains blogs for a number of clients. Whether Blogger or WordPress, we set them up so that anyone is able to leave a comment but every comment has to be approved before publication. Yes, there are occasions when a plethora of spam comments have to be reviewed but, in general, the numbers of comments are easily managed.

Most commonly received comments are from link-building agencies and most, though not all, should be rejected. Often, if you paste this generic type of comment into Google, it may be found on several other blogs, which brings no value to your blog.

It's a rare pleasure to receive genuine comments. These are from people who have read the post and given related feedback, good or controversial. (Please, feel free to leave your comments on this blog!)

Sometimes, 'specific' comments may promote competitors. If your client base is Hertfordshire and there is a comment linking to a similar small business outside your area, it could be beneficial to you both. It's worth checking whether they have a blog for reciprocal comments.

But what if they are a direct competitor? If there is an opportunity for a reciprocal link, then it could be OK. Contact The BPc if there is a specific instance to be debated!

Benefits of Comments on Blogs for SEO:

  • add to the content
  • increase relevant keywords
  • keep blog posts 'fresh' for search engines