Thursday, 28 February 2013

Blogging and Sharing on FaceBook and Twitter

You have a plan to write two Blogger posts a month (1 hour), two FaceBook Page posts a week (15 minutes) and a couple of tweets every other day (two minutes). 

The most productive way of doing this is as follows:

Once a month, write both blogs and set them to post when you want them to with Blogger's Schedule facility.

You can set up a third party feed that will automatically post the blog link to FaceBook but, unless the posts need to be published at the same time on both media, you have more flexibility when you add posts manually.

We suggest that twice a month, sometime after each blog post is published, you go to your FaceBook Business Page and schedule the next four posts using the Activity Log - one can include a link to the most recent blog post, perhaps another may link to a page on your website.

While you are on your Page, it's a good opportunity to interact with followers, 'Like' some pages and post some information on relevant 'Liked' pages.

If you log in to both FaceBook and Twitter at the same time, you can set up FB posts to automatically tweet by entering and linking the two accounts. That takes care of a few of your monthly tweets.

If you are an avid Linked-In user, you can set it up to feed through to Twitter. If not, you need to become a regular Twitter user - for best results, always keep a tab open with your Twitter account and follow these 10 Twitter tips.

Of course, if you need help, that's what we're here for.

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