Friday, 12 April 2013

How to Set your Default Browser in Windows 7

I like using Google Chrome as my browser but it uses up too much memory if I have more than a dozen tabs open (and I frequently have 3 or 4 times that!) which slows everything down, so I switched back to Firefox.

Having done that, I later clicked on a link in an email and it opened up Chrome. I'd forgotten to re-set the default browser. If you decide to change your default browser, this is what to do:

First, ensure that you have downloaded the browser of your choice:

Chrome download choose the download for your computer (windows, mac, linux)
Firefox download then scroll down to English (British) and choose the download for your computer (windows, mac, linux)

Next, set the default browser. These are the instructions for Windows 7:
 - click on the start menu and type "default programs" in the search box
 - this will display a screen with the option 'Set your default programs'
 - click this option, Firefox and/or Chrome should be found in a list on the left.
 - choose one then click 'Set this program as default'.

Bee Primrose.

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