Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Google Finally Sorted?

Panda banishes the Black Hat

Since Google's Panda fiasco earlier this year, websites using 'black hat' practices soared to the top of search results, dislodging those websites who had played by the rules. Google denied this and SEO specialists had to keep a steely nerve but we began to doubt ourselves, wondering if we should consider competing at a 'grey hat' level or just give up altogether.

It's impossible to go against one's integrity - like stealing something just because somebody won't give it to you... In fact, Google's ears must have been on fire with the amount of venom filling numerous conversations around the UK (if not the world) about their algorithms and sweeps.

But now, Google seems to have finally caught up and punished the sites that enjoyed flaunting their guidelines. The 'good' sites are, once again, vying for the better positions on the top pages. Our clients were nail-biting but they kept the faith and have received their just reward: Google has removed the 'baddies' (for a while, anyway) and our clients have bounced back to the higher pages of relevant search results.

Today, a client called just to say 'Well done and thank you'. Makes it all worthwhile!

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