Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Boosting your Website traffic with blogs and other links

A new client found this advice useful, recently, so here it is for all to share:

(Client: "What are spammy links?")
Google defines ‘spammy’ links as being of low value to human traffic - for example, a page of information about life after death that included a link to website about dish-washers would seem to be a link purely intended for search engines to find, in order to boost the perceived popularity of a site. One or two may happen and will be probably ignored but if Google detects a pattern of these, they will blacklist the recipient website. Be wary of ‘links specialists’ who 'guarantee' page 1 listings in Google and definitely avoid mass linking deals (e.g. 1000 links for £10).

(Client: "Should I write a blog with links to my website?")
A blog is an excellent information tool for generating information that wouldn’t otherwise be on a website. The blog should have value in its own right, not just be a feeder site for your website (surprise! Google doesn’t like this either). Perhaps the blog could cover a number of related topics and guest bloggers could be encouraged to add diversity. (see 'nofollow' links post)

The BPc has a number of clients in divers business sectors and is able to guest-write for each, occasionally cross-referring, where appropriate. If this service may be of interest to you, please get in touch.

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