Friday, 13 December 2013

Design Portfolio of Recent Websites

The most recent web sites we have delivered to our clients were designed and built with WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS) that enables our clients to easily update their own website content, should they so wish. The following are all Wordpress-based websites.

Sightline Doors primarily installs stunning large glass doors made to order. Each glass door can be up to 6m x 3m for spectacular uninterrupted views. Other products available include architectural glass, curved glass doors and balustrades plus the SunSeeker Doors range This was a direct referral from whose website we redesigned two years ago.

We have recently delivered a website for Estacchini Architects to showcase their work, which includes both residential and commercial design projects This client approached The BPc for a website as a direct result of liking the website we developed for a another local architect three years ago.

Ultratec Ltd wanted to update their out-of-date website to a CMS system and ensure that it was optimised. Working together with them on the content, the result can be viewed at launched a few weeks ago; we were recommended to them by another of our clients who also worked on the written content.

Eyekon Consultants recently developed a new business plan to focus on their Human Resources (HR) services and wanted to thoroughly modernise the small starter site that we had published for them several years ago. The new website has a clean, modern feel and can be developed further to include the company's other consultancy services.
Thanks to all our clients who have used our website services, our logo design services (including Eyekon & Sightline Doors, above) and our SEO/social media servies. We especially appreciate the recommendations that have referred new clients to us. (Somewhat embarrassingly, we have yet to redevelop our own website, which was last revamped in 2005... Watch this space in 2014!)

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