Thursday, 31 July 2014

Cost of setting up a Blog on Google Blogger

If you need someone to set up your Google Blog, customised with your logo, background and basic colours to match your company website, the guide price from The BPc is £75+vat.

Imagine our amazement when one of our clients instructed their website designer to set up their blog and were quoted 4 x that amount! The right thing for us to do is to step in and suggest that it could be done more cheaply, right? Wrong... well, I think so. It's a bit of a dilemma but we were introduced to the client as part of the team that would look after their internet needs. The client's main contact, the person co-ordinating us, takes a percentage of fees for the introductions so he might be quite happy to allow the client to pay the higher price. Or he may not realize that the price is over inflated.

We'll ponder over the best thing to do but, meanwhile, if anyone else out there is given a price from an existing supplier, please do yourselves a favour and get some comparative quotes.

Email us if you'd like us to quote for setting up your blog in WordPress or Google blogger. We will set up and customise your Social Media accounts, too, if you don't have the time.


p.s. We also specialise in company Logo design, from £75+vat.