Thursday, 7 August 2014

Designing for Business: Company Logo, Website, Blog - WordPress or Google - & Social Media

Whether starting a new venture or refreshing an existing business, presenting an identifiable company image will reinforce your strategy to get noticed.

Some small business owners are obsessed by image and others are completely indifferent to the idea of a company logo. Your business needs a logo, even if it is just a name in a specific style, e.g.

John Smith

A logo identifies the company and unifies all other output from the company - emails, business cards, products, advertisements, website, fleet vehicles and uniforms.

Examples of Logo Designs:

Logos designed by The BPc
  • Sightline Doors offer panoramic views; the implication is that an uninterrupted view would include the Earth's curve.
  • The Wf logo shown is an icon version of the full Welwyn Festival logo; the confetti around a quirky font helps to convey a party or festival.
  • The blue bird is the letter M, the boat is letter P; the whole scene creates the message of Marine Pursuits.

A logo can convey a great deal about your company style and ethos: solid, serious, friendly, fun. Some of these characteristics are quite clear in the examples shown above. This fundamental beginning will set much of the design criteria for all that follows - stationery, website, advertising, product packaging, etc. so it has to sit comfortably with the company's directors.

At The BPc, we can design your company logo, business cards, stationery (printable and software versions) and other aspects of corporate graphic design. We also design and build websites - static, CMS* or e-commerce - including SEO, and we frequently set up and customise WordPress or Google Blogs and related social media pages, e.g. Facebook and Twitter, often continuing to manage them for clients for a monthly fee.
*Content Management System - website content can be updated in-house by clients with minimal internet experience.

Examples of Blog & Social Media customisation:
set up and customisation of blogs and social media by

Our Logo design service starts at £75, Blog/ Social Media set up & customisation from £75, CMS websites from £275 (but to be honest, most small business websites cost nearer £375 or more) and all prices are subject to vat.

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