Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Training for WordPress Websites - Updating and Optimising Content

When we deliver websites that have been built using WordPress, we include a 1 hour handover tutorial plus 30 days full support and up to an hour's email or telephone support for a year. Even if the website is a very small one that has cost the client under £350.

Over time, though, we have found that it is often several months before clients wish to make some content updates and they are then eager to learn how to do more. As a result of this demand, we offer an on-site, one-to-one (or -two) training session which may include the following elements:
  • updates to and optimisation of existing content
  • creating new optimised pages and posts
  • optimising images
  • how to use menus and widgets
  • other plugins, e.g. sliders
If required, we'll also run through social media and how to use Google Analytics.

For WordPress websites that we have delivered, there is a nominal charge of £75* for a couple of hours or so, after which our hourly rate may be applied.


WordPress Website Training - Content Updates and Optimisation


If you are considering using our tutorial services for a WordPress website that someone else built, we will need to have access to it before we can confirm whether we are able to offer the same form of training course. Indeed, of the three courses we recently completed, two were for websites designed and created by us, the other was an established WordPress site from another provider who doesn't offer SEO, so that was what we focused on

*Based in Herts, we are only able to offer this on-site service within a 30 minute drive, perhaps a little further for a small additional charge. All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate. The package includes any follow-up questions via email or telephone for up to 30 days for no additional charge.

We also offer Website Design, setting up WordPress or Blogger and Social Media services.

Contact The BPc via twitter, email (using the subject "WordPress Website Blog") or telephone.

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