Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Using Video to Capture a Wider Audience

We've produced a few short videos for clients, both "movies" and slideshows. We try to keep the length within a minute and often speed up the action. The videos are generally used on the clients' websites or in blog posts to illustrate or display their products.

With smaller budgets, we are unable to entice A-list celebrities to appear or to use expensive professional filming equipment and studios to create a virtual blockbuster movie, such as certain drinks companies have recently. Our clients are, in the main, small to medium UK businesses.

Occasionally, we suggest something a little bit different that might attract an audience that hasn't yet been reached, for example, to appeal to a different age group or people with unconventional interests. One of our clients agreed to supply some props to a group of students to enable them to create a Halloween movie.

From the client's viewpoint, the concept of having students write the script, play the characters and shoot the whole film was to entertain an audience on YouTube and just mention, at the end, where the props came from...  because you never know when someone might want to buy something similar.

Here is the end result:

Love it or hate it? Comments welcome!

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