Thursday, 23 July 2015

Recently Built & Delivered Client Websites

Here are some websites we've delivered since our previous websites-now-live post.

Logos from Websites

Hanson Catering has followed their strategy of continued service excellence during controlled growth. They were being hampered by their previous website which was out of date in a number of ways including the technology used to build it and the method of updating the content to keep it fresh. It was difficult and time-consuming to introduce new menus onto the website - but not now! The BPc won the bid to develop a website that reflects the company's style and provides a showcase for their services.

With so many menu choices on offer, we chose a picture-based menu system. It's also quite rare that a company displays its prices for fear of competitors under-cutting them but Hansons' know that their prices are value for money and that customers need to know such information quickly, not have to wait for a quote just to allocate a budget. Hansons welcome enquiries via the website or by 'phone so don't hesitate if you would like to contact them.

Hansons provide catering services in Herts and the North-West regions of the London catchment area, for businesses, weddings and other private functions, from intimate gatherings to hundreds of guests. Ready to see their website now? Click the link below the image to visit... - website

We have re-designed the SunSeeker Doors website for the third time in the company's history. As a company at the forefront of technology in their field of door design, SunSeeker Doors' management fully understands the need for their website technology to reflect that ethos, without splashing out mega-bucks for no good reason. SunSeeker has been manufacturing and installing bi folding doors for most of this century and is leading the way with their new UltraSlim range of bi folds and sliding pivot door systems.

Often, the doors are fitted during property renovations and photographs taken at the time tend to show builders' rubble - but they've managed to obtain some great photos in recent months, thanks to their clients, and these can be seen on the gallery page.

We decided to use a mega-menu with images of the products because some of the door names or descriptions are not very helpful for browsing around, e.g. UltraSlim Bi Folds, UltraSlim Slide-Pivot, Frameless Double-Glazed... a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Without further ado, here is a snapshot of the website with a link to the real thing:

website for

Our client in Provence expanded their holiday business earlier this year and asked us to completely re-design their website to include their latest venture - classic VW Campervan holiday hire for people who want to tour without the bother of planning hotel stop-overs. The SunHatFrance website was several years old and was in need of some energising so we updated the logo while the client supplied some fantastic photographs and wrote some blog posts, describing some of the best places to visit whilst touring in the Côte d'Azur. Then we built the website, which includes an online availability calendar and provisional booking system.

SunHatFrance is owned by an English couple who have run a holiday business in the South of France for many years, with repeat business from many clients. They have invested in two campervans, Cassie & Joe, so that holiday-makers may tour the area, enjoying not only popular venues but also explore those out-of-the-way places without having to commit to a schedule.

Once again, strong images have been used to complement the written descriptions, conveying the idyllic holiday life in the South of France.

website design for

A Hertfordshire Company asked us to build a new website for them as we had previously created two other websites for previous ventures and they were pleased with our services. The client is very 'hands on'  therefore we were training as we built the site. It worked well: website design

The Welwyn Festival Group wanted to replace their blog with an engaging website with the ability to become all-singing, all-dancing and which could be updated reasonably easily by computer literate volunteers. The site needs to be informative, attractive to a community of mixed age groups and updateable quickly and easily.

They have a huge number of photographs dating back over 15 years and some further back still, not all of sufficient quality for the website, but many will nevertheless be uploaded as an archive record. We set up the new website with a handful of more recent photographs in time for the annual festival. The next few months will see some training sessions and we have agreed to support the efforts of this charitable organisation for at least the next year.

The emphasis for this site is on fun! We have uploaded some photographs of this summer's week-long festival and the Welwyn Festival group will upload more following training. website design
The green background images are on a mega-menu which drops down over the page header image. Each of the items is linkable to the latest news and 'next' will present the previous news - and so on. There is a main menu bar and sub-menu at the top of the page tp help people using the site to find the information they are interested in. Navigation is no mean feat as there are 70-ish events each year.

Please visit each of these websites and order some party food and sleek new doors, book a relaxing holiday in France or contact us with your website questions. You'll find us on Twitter/BPcUK.

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