Friday, 22 January 2016

Beware! That Email is NOT from Google

Oh no! "Google" will cut off my access to all Google products within 24 hours!
DON'T PANIC. They're not really going to.

If you've received an email like the one displayed here, complete with typo, advising you to click on the Verify Account button, what should you do?

What you should NOT do is  to click on the Verify Account button or the Reset Password link.

Go to your browser and log into Google where you would expect to find an appropriate message or use the Google search engine to find more information. Search using the typo 'inconivnece' is an excellent start - you will see numerous references to this being a scam or 'phishing' email.

The email seemed 'phishy' because we use Google products a lot and, indeed, we have been dealing with our contacts at Google in the past few days. There was no reference to any Google ID review.

In addition to that, the email address that was referred to in the email has never been registered as a Google ID.

Another one just came in...

Dear Google User,

This is to officially inform you that you have been selected as a winner for using Google services, attached is our official notification letter for your perusal.

Happy New Year 2016!!

Larry Page CEO & Co-founder of Google 


p.s. We've just been informed of an attack on WordPress websites and blogs. Below is a link to this issue and related advice, on the OWL website: Act Now toProtect your Wordpress site from attack 

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