Friday, 22 April 2016

Beware - Your FaceBook Page Will Be Disabled

No It Won't! 

This old phishing scam is still around - it has just appeared as a notification on a client's FaceBook page. The post (now deleted) was shared by the page **UPDATE: Facebook has now removed this Page**

You can see a number of random shared posts, all showing the same message:

THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL FACEBOOK NOTIFICATION so why hasn't FaceBook done anything about it? Well, probably because this particular post has only been phishing for about an hour so hopefully it'll be gone soon. I'm just off to report this to Facebook. **UPDATE: credit where it's due - Facebook has taken action**

The point is that this will undoubtedly be set up under another guise so please be aware - don't click on any of the links and report the phishing scam to Facebook without delay!

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