Friday, 23 September 2016

How to Embed a PowerPoint Presentation into a Web page or Blog

Recently, a client asked whether they could include a PowerPoint presentation to run within their website....

How easy this is for each application depends on your website or blog platform and whether you currently update your blog or website content. Below are the instructions for WordPress website pages or posts and Google Blogger. They are based on having a MicroSoft account and a One Drive account - it's easy to set them up and if you have Windows 10, you are probably already set up. The terminology we are using refers to a Windows-based computer with MicroSoft Office, rather than a Mac or iPad.

You can choose an existing PPT file or create a new one and copy, move or save it, as appropriate, to a OneDrive folder, in exactly the same way as you would store a file on your PC. The One Drive folders should be visible in the left column of Windows Explorer, as shown below.

Log into your Microsoft account and go to OneDrive in your browser. Tick the box in the upper-right corner of the file to select the file you want to embed. Click Embed on the top of the page, and then choose Generate.

click to enlarge image to make it readable

Copy and paste the resulting code into the HTML window of your website or blog... et voilĂ !

Please click through our test presentation, below.

Get in touch if you get stuck and we'll try to help (no charge, no obligation).

For more insights on how to engage with your readers, peruse our post about adding videos to your blog or website. The principle is similar, using third party media such as YouTube.

Further information: PowerPoint WebApp & SkyDrive-OneDrive / PowerPoint and Office 365-SharePoint

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