Tuesday, 3 January 2017

First New Website Design in 10 Years

For several years, The BPc has begun work on a total renovation of www.thebpc.org.uk whenever there was some quiet time, such as Christmas or August, but never to the point of completion. Finally, we have published our brand new website in time for the start of 2017 business.

Tech-note: the original website was hand-coded in HTML and the new website is built in WordPress.

Over time, demands from our clients have followed varying business trends in marketing, graphic design, desktop publishing and business internet services, e.g. optimised website design and social media management.

Of all the designs we could choose, why this one?

Its presentation is simple, allowing viewers to find the information they are looking for as easily as possible (we hope). We've selected images of different styles - some vibrant, some cool, many that we've created ourselves. Above is the a screen shot of part of the home page, the other pages use a side-by-side layout, as shown below.

Amongst our future plans, we shall be adding to the website blog which, in our opinion, has an attractive layout. At present, the following topics have been covered for the launch:

Some other website designs are showcased on our site, with links to their related case studies and further links to the clients' websites, where you can find their contact information to help you with your independent research into the quality of our services.

Visit our new blog posts on our website by clicking the above 'News & Blog' image.