Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Introducing our new service: Videography

We filmed our first video almost six years ago. A video filmed for the same client, just over five years ago, has had more than twenty-thousand views. Yet it wasn't until the tail end of last year that we began to offer this service to other clients, following which we filmed a couple of product demonstation videos for a website that we had been asked to redesign.

Until this year, we made silent movies but now we've progressed into 'talkies'!

A young filmmaker has joined our team, with experience of directing, cinematography and editing.

The first video we asked him to edit was filmed in Ireland on an iphone and sent to us. The next video, for the same client, was filmed in London offices featuring an interview with the company's Chief Investment Officer responding to pre-determined questions. We have now been asked to provide a quotation for a third project, location as yet unknown.

Videography examples:

We are currently limiting our filming services to existing clients and will be extended to local (i.e. Herts-based) new clients, on request.

Our editing services, which will take your self-shot footage and enhance it, is available world-wide via internet comms. We can add your Logo, insert graphics, etc.. Our prices are extremely reasonable.

Follow this link for our guide to filming on an i-phone.

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