Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Google Shake-up ... Check your website content, Now!

Last month, Google made significant changes to their search algorithms for website content. Initially affecting searches in the USA, the changes are being rolled out world-wide.

Following a 30% drop in traffic, one website, ArticlesBase, has been forced to introduce new measures in an effort to clean up existing content and evaluate new content when it is submitted by article authors.

Google's goal is to reduce duplicate content on the Internet and encourage original content; in their words, more emphasis on "research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis" (oh dear, will this blog be downgraded for quoting that?) which seems to be a return to Internet's academic roots. Will this force commercial websites to pay for Google Adwords if their web sites no longer appear amongst the organic search results on page 1?

In light of this development, if anyone wishes to reproduce this article, may we suggest that you use your own words instead - or maybe just link to it: Google  Shake-up ... Check your website content, Now!

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