Friday, 29 November 2019

Website Designs Delivered Autumn 2019

We've been working on new websites during the past few weeks. In September, we published and, in October, we completed two websites. One is a replacement website for a client who was desperate to move away from their Yell-hosted site with all its associated costs. The other is an exciting new start-up. We teamed up with Chris to develop and build the October projects.

Digital Wealth Solutions

Digital Wealth
HC Digital Wealth Solutions (HC-DWS) is a marketing distribution company based in London. It offers modern technology solutions to help Discretionary Fund Managers and Financial Advisors (IFAs) to support their investors’ portfolios.

The website provides all basic information and many opportunities to contact the relevant people in the team, should more information be required.

Mastic Pointing Services

Mastic Pointings
Mastic Pointing Services (MPS) wanted to move their old website away from Yell and take the opportunity of bringing it up to date. They contacted The BPc for a quote, telling us that we had been recommended by another of our clients, Hanson Catering.

The site is aimed at construction professionals and buiding companies. The finished website has a clean, contemporary look and feel and is easy to use.

One 'in the wings'

An exciting start-up company launching a new range of drinks. A branding/design consultant (with whom we've worked before) invited us to quote for the website build, which has been delivered but not yet published.

The vibrant, feel-good tone of the website design fully complements the product marketing.

Further details and links can be viewed on our website: Clients' Websites page.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Social Media for Business: Common Errors to Avoid

Don't fall foul of common errors made by many companies trying to manage their social media.

social media management
1. Have a Plan - and revisit that plan frequently

2. Don't focus on the number of followers you have - focus on their quality

3. Choose 2, 3 or 4 social media sites for your business - forget the rest for now

4. Remember to check out the competition! Also, visit your own website now and then

5. Using whatever means are available, monitor progress over time and use it to improve results

A Social Media Plan doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple as checking in at 9am every Tuesday and Thursday, looking at messages and browsing through and reacting to your timeline. Have a post or tweet ready, with links to a blog post or website page.

Build your followers by ensuring that: posts/tweets are interesting (use #hashtags) and following accounts that could be your target clientele. Reacting to others' posts and tweets will establish a rapport and encourage them to follow you. Include a link to your social media from your website.

Focus on the best social media sites for your business. For business to business, this may be Twitter or LinkedIn but Facebook may be better for business to consumer promotion. Instagram requires a smartphone and frequently uploaded photographs for best results but it can be linked with Facebook.

Keep your eye on the ball! Check out your competitors at least every month but don't assume that their ideas are working better than yours- they may be thinking the same about you. Also, it's amazing how many website owners rarely look at their own websites once they've been published. The website owner is responsible for quality of the content even if a third party is being paid to update it. Some of the issues we've noticed are a website that is down/hacked or a home page refers to a future event that is now in the past.

Social Media usually offers some kind of analysis, such as number of views, most popular post/tweet, etc. Google Analytics, if included on your website, also provides information regarding visitor sources from social media, search engines, etc. Looking at the whole picture over a longer term (at least 2 or 3 months) provides an insight to what works and what needs work.

How we can help
Should you need guidance on how to manage your social media or use Google Analytics, just ask. The BPc also provides low-cost social media management and visitor analysis/report services.
Contact us.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Business Cards are here to stay

It is more than 12 years since The BPc had a need for business cards but that's not the case for many of our clients. 

Recently, we provided artwork to re-print cards for all the staff of in London, when they moved to their new HQ near the Bank of England / Royal Exchange. When they launched the company, we designed the original logo, business card and branding (but not the website build) for Alpha Beta Partners, based around their chosen mountain peaks theme.

We are also working with a new Garden Design enterprise, setting up near Welwyn, Herts.. We helped to create a logo and design the business cards, which are currently with local print company, Triographics in Knebworth. This is the logo for Primrose Garden Design. The website will follow in due course.

Primrose Garden Design

Established January 1990, The BPc has designed, digitised and provided pre-print services to a number of clients over the years. We have helped clients to build an internet presence with websites and blogs for twenty years, later enhanced by social media and video services. If you own or know a small-medium business that could benefit from a chat, feel free to email or call.

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Friday, 17 May 2019

Feeling Good and Losing Weight: New Website for The Food Coach

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new, fresh website for an established business - The Food Coach has been helping clients to eat healthily and to lose weight since 2005.

Following discussions with the client regarding the website design and visual branding, we produced a structure of the page navigation. Our client had very strong ideas about the design layout and colours. Sourcing the images was a challenge.

We had been asked to quote within a very tight budget and this was often in danger of being exceeded but we created a complimentary logo for the website and for the client's use on emails, etc. We have asked our client to let us know when she has updated her Facebook and Twitter accounts so that we may include direct links from the website. Facebook, in particular, would be an excellent medium for referrals. If further budget is available, we can easily set up and customise these account for our clients (as mentioned in our previous post).

The new website has been developed in WordPress, using the new user-friendly update interface. You can visit the new website at

When our clients are ready to update the content themselves, we provide appropriate documentation and will 'hand-hold' them through the process. We also check on them afterwards to see if they require further guidance.

The BPc specialises in designing WordPress websites for small businesses and start-up companies.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Recent Websites Designed & Published

It's been a busy, busy spring time! We are pleased to announce that two more websites were completed for clients and published within the month of April. Both were a collaborative team effort between Professional Solutions and The BPc.

The two websites are for slide-and-turn patio doors - we have worked on a number of patio door websites over the years. Amazingly, though, we were watching a brand new TV show a few days ago where the designers are still using bi folding doors, rather than the newer technology, contemporary sliding-pivot doors! Perhaps they need to brush up on their research skills and look at the two websites featured here (click the images to visit the websites).

We also created the logos for both websites. We were given free reign with the Eco design from the website owner who only specified the colour green. Our contact for the other website wanted a simple 'blocky' style and also requested that we set up a Facebook page.

Below is a video demonstration of ULTRASLIM doors that we edited at The BPc. It really shows that there is no comparison between slide-pivot doors and clunky old bi-folds!

We are about to publish another website - not for doors this time! Please remember to visit this blog next month to find out more.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Clients' websites delivered 1Q2019

At The BPc, we have clients  who come to us for a professional website design service or just SEO, our blog/article  writing service or social media set up / management services. We have also performed other design and internet-related tasks for those clients, including logo designs, which we did for two of the three featured websites in this post.

In the first three months of this year, we delivered the following websites to clients:

1. Classic Mobility included: website full re-design, optimised content, setting up video shoots, video editing, writing some blog posts, Google Analytics, links to social media and some promotion via social media. Handover to the client took place in March and they are continuing with social media and content updates.

mobility services

2. Working with Professional Solutions, the project for Ugley Village Hall in Essex included website design, simple identifiable logo and an events calendar. We also sourced some related videos. We recommended that social media would be beneficial in the local area but this may be taken up at a later date.

Ugley village hall

3. Over the years, we have designed many websites and written a number of articles about patio doors. Recently, we created a logo and designed a website for Bi Folding Patio Doors. A blog has been included onthe website; we have written some posts and hope to add to these in the future.

All our websites are built using WordPress CMS so that the website owners can update the content themselves. Of course, we are happy to do this for our clients. For your professional business website, contact The BPc.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Website Design, Collaborations & SEO

In recent months, we have worked on several behind-the-scenes tasks, including video filming and editing plus SEO content and social media consultancy for clients of website developer Professional Solutions in Hertfordshire and business consutant Personal Business Advice in Harrow. Three examples are:

1. We published a new website for our client SunSeeker Roller-Shutters. We edited a short video of the electric shutters closing at the press of a button and applied some visual effects to add interest, keeping it short at just over 20 seconds.

2. SEO & Social Media services for SMRow - electrical services electrican electrical engineer

3. SEO & Social Media services for Kate Edmonson - bespoke bridalwear bespoke wedding dress design

Contact The BPc for website design and related promotions - or for your content and social media needs (WordPress, blog writing, Twitter, etc.).